massage  &  spa treatments 

NARA provides a variety types of Thai styled massage and spa treatments which can help promote the perfect balance of body and soul. All treatments are created to present deep relaxation, relieve stress, and most importantly is to recover your body from muscle pain and stiffness. NARA's customers will be given a massage service by professional therapist possessing long-time experience and a massage license. 

To get the best results, 90 - 120 minutes massage session is recommended for all customers to make sure that the muscle fatigue will be completely recovered as well as to conduct the highest relaxation and satisfaction. 

full body treatments

Oil Massage

Aromatic Oil Massage

A relaxing massage treatment using essential oils from flowers applied to the body together with aromatherapy massage techniques. A good treatment to reward yourself after a long day of work or travel which can help improve blood flow and relieve fatigue.

60 MIN : 500 BAHT

90 MIN : 750 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,000 BAHT

Coconut Oil Massage

An aromatherapy massage applied with coconut oil to enhance deep relaxation as well as to reduce muscle pain and fatigue. According to the moisturizing property of coconut oil, this menu can help recover the skin from dehydration.

60 MIN : 550 BAHT

90 MIN : 800 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

Aloe Vera Massage

This menu is generated to present high relaxation and repair damaged skin at the same time. Aloe Vera is widely known for its beauty benefits as it has an ability to heal, moisturize, and strengthen skin. Due to its cooling properties, it is a great way to soothe redness and rashes for sun burnt skin. Therefore, Aloe Vera Massage is highly recommended for those who have sunburn issue.

60 MIN : 600 BAHT

90 MIN : 900 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,200 BAHT

Milky Cream Massage

A treatment presents warm milk together with floral scented lotion applied on whole body to encourage hydration and smoothness on the skin. While aromatic massage technique will be used to promote circulation, release tension, and create a deep relaxation with positive energy flow from inside. 

60 MIN : 600 BAHT

90 MIN : 900 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,200 BAHT

Sport Oil Massage

Sport Oil Massage is developed to help athletes including those who do an intense workout to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sport Oil Massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons which the therapists generally concentrates on a specific problem area that is presented.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

Warm Oil Massage

Similar to Aromatic Oil Massage, the aromatherapy massage techniques are applied to massage the whole body enhancing a blood circulation and a reduction of anxiety and tension. Yet, the heated oil helps soften and expand deep muscle tissues in order to deeply relieve the tension and fatigue as well as reach the height of relaxation.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage presents techniques of stretching and acupressure used to massage the whole body with oil-free. Since it can be described as a "strong" massage for some customers, this menu is mostly recommended for those who have a massage experience. Otherwise, this type of massage can help relieve body stiffness and fatigue as well as improve circulation.

60 MIN : 300 BAHT

90 MIN : 450 BAHT

120 MIN : 600 BAHT

Thai Massage with Unscented Oil

A combination of Traditional Thai Massage and Oil Massage which is designed to decrease stretching and acupressure techniques but to promote an utilization of oil massage techniques applied on the whole body. Massage with oil is better for soothing tense muscles, improving blood flow, and inducing a height of relaxation.

60 MIN : 400 BAHT

90 MIN : 600 BAHT

120 MIN : 800 BAHT

Thai Massage with Oil & Herbal Balm

A signature menu of NARA offering a good massage experience that should not be missed. Similar to Thai Massage with Unscented Oil, Thai and Oil Massage techniques are applied to massage the whole body. Yet, an addition of herbal balm is to increasingly relieve muscle pain, tension and fatigue that leaves the entire body feeling totally relaxed.

60 MIN : 450 BAHT

90 MIN : 650 BAHT

120 MIN : 850 BAHT

Thai & Foot Reflexology Massage

A regular oil-free Thai massage techniques applied on the whole body with add-on Foot Reflexology Massage is to focus more on the foot and leg part by using massage cream together with herbal balm rubbed on specific area.

90 MIN : 500 BAHT

120 MIN : 600 BAHT

Herbal hot compress massage

Herbal Hot Compress with Thai Massage

A traditional recipe of combining many beneficial kinds of Thai herb steamed in cotton encased and poulticed is used to compress directly on the whole body. While Thai Massage helps stretching and reducing body stiffness, the herbal heat penetrates and relaxes sore muscles deeply as well as increases blood circulation. 

90 MIN : 900 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatic Oil Massage

A great treat after your long day, Herbal Hot Compress combined with the relaxing massage techniques and pleasant scent of Aromatic Oil Massage offers a superior spa experience. While the massage helps to relieve stress, the herbal hot compress relaxes tense muscles and soothes stiff joints and nerves that encouraging deep relaxation.  

90 MIN : 1,000 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,250 BAHT

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