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Thai Massage with Oil & Herbal Balm

This is NARA's signature massage treatment which has a combination of Traditional Thai Massage and Oil Massage as well as the use of Thai Herbal Balm. Since herbal balm can help relieve pain and recover fatigue muscle, this menu is suitable for those who have muscle pain issue especially at the back and legs.

450 BAHT / 60 MIN

Aloe Vera Massage

This menu is generated to present high relaxation and repair damaged skin at the same time. Aloe Vera is widely known for its beauty benefits as it has an ability to heal, moisturize, and strengthen skin. Due to its cooling properties, it is a great way to cure redness and rashes for sun burnt skin. Therefore, Aloe Vera Massage is highly recommended for those who have sunburn issue.

600 BAHT / 60 MIN

Sport Oil Massage

Sport Oil Massage is developed to help athletes including those who do an intense workout to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sport Oil Massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons which the therapists generally concentrates on a specific problem area that is presented.

700 BAHT / 60 MIN

Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatic Oil Massage

Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatic Oil Massage offers several potential health benefits. The herbal ball and natural essential oils induce deep relaxation which helps relieve stress and fatigue. With the herbal hot compress and oil massage technique, it improves blood circulation and reduce pain, stiff and sore muscles as well as ligaments including chronic back aches. In terms of skin conditions, the herb tends to help cure irritation, whereas massage oil appears to moisturize and recover dry skin.

1,250 BAHT / 120 MIN


The New Skin 

Program :

  • Body Scrub  (60 min)

  • Aromatic Oil Massage  (60 min)

  • Facial Massage & Treatment  (60 min)

The New Skin package lets customers relax and renew the skin with 60 minutes of Body Scrub, followed by presenting a relaxing 60-minutes Aromatic Oil Massage and finally refreshed with 60 minutes of Facial Massage & Treatment.

1,850 BAHT / 180 MIN

Body & Soul

Program :

  • Traditional Thai Massage  (60 min)

  • Aromatic Oil Massage  (60 min)

Body & Soul package helps relieve muscle fatigue and reduce stress by starting with 60 minutes of Traditional Thai Massage in order to stretch all body muscles, and followed by 60 minutes of Aromatic Oil Massage to promote deep relaxation and a decrease of anxiety.

800 BAHT / 120 MIN

The Real Heal

Program :

  • Traditional Thai Massage  (60 min)

  • Sport Oil Massage  (60 min)

  • Herbal Hot Compress  (60 min)

The Real Heal package is suitable for those who have an intense sport or activity causing body muscle pain. The session begins with 60 minutes of Traditional Thai Massage to warm up all muscles, then using sport oil to massage focusing on the specified parts for 60 minutes. And finish with 60-minutes Herbal Hot Compress to deeply recover those muscles from pain and fatigue with Thai herbs.

1,690 BAHT / 180 MIN

Sunburn Treatment

Program :

  • Coconut Oil Massage  (60 min)

  • Aloe Vera Massage  (60 min)

  • Facial Massage & Treatment  (60 min)

Sunburn Treatment package is invented to help recover the damaged and dehydrated skin as well as to present deep relaxation. With the cooling and moisturizing property that can help soothe sunburnt skin, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera are applied alternately to massage on the whole body. And finish with 60-minute Facial Massage & Treatment to recover skin from sunburn and pollution. A perfect treatment to restore and refresh your damaged skin after a long day of exploring !

1,790 BAHT / 180 MIN

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