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NARA Massage & Spa, a wellness place focuses on providing professional massage services, spa treatments, as well as nail spas by highly experienced therapists and masters, together with relaxing decor, a hygienic environment, as well as pleasurable service. We are certified by SHA Plus+ (Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration) that 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated.


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NARA Therapeutic Signature Massage

A signature menu of NARA offers fantastic massage therapy that you should experience at NARA. It combines Thai Massage and Therapeutic Oil Massage techniques to massage the whole body, focusing on muscle tension in the concerned areas. Only Thai massage cannot completely heal the pain and stiffness, but the addition of therapeutic massage techniques and herbal balm gives the best result in relieving tense and sore muscles.

550 BAHT / 60 MIN

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Pure Coconut Oil Massage

An aromatherapy massage technique is applied with pure organic coconut oil to enhance deep relaxation and reduce muscle pain and fatigue. And also, according to the moisturizing property of coconut oil, this treatment can help recover your skin from dehydration.

700 BAHT / 60 MIN

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Sport Massage with Aromatic Oil -or- Hot Oil

Sports massage helps to relax your muscles after intense exercise, prepare your body before an event, or function well during training as it emphasizes preventing and healing injuries to the muscles and tendons. Sports Massage is highly recommended for athletes and those who do any activities using specified muscles that cause tension and fatigue. Our professional therapist focuses on the defined muscles and areas you stress during your workout.

750 BAHT / 60 MIN

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Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatic Oil Massage

Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatic Oil Massage offers several potential health benefits. The herbal ball and natural essential oils induce deep relaxation and help relieve stress and fatigue. The herbal hot compress and oil massage technique improves blood circulation and reduces pain, stiffness, sore muscles, and ligaments, including chronic backaches. In terms of skin conditions, the herb tends to help cure irritation, whereas massage oil appears to moisturize and recover dry skin.

1,400 BAHT / 120 MIN


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The New You (Deluxe 3)

Program :

  • Organic Body Scrub (60 min)

  • Aromatherapy Massage (60 min)

  • Herbal Hot Compress (60 min)

A perfect treatment not only to help restore radiant skin but also to relieve muscle pain and tension, starting with a 60-minute Organic Body Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells gently. Next, 60 minutes of Aromatherapy Massage is presented to help reduce anxiety and muscle fatigue. And finish with a 60-minute of Herbal Hot Compress to deeply recover body muscles with fresh Thai herbs. Revitalizing the skin and healing deep muscle tissues can perfectly refresh your body and soul, a privilege that only a few have experienced.

2,100 BAHT / 180 MIN

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Office Syndrome Treatment (Deluxe 2)

Program :

  • NARA Therapeutic Signature Massage with Oil & Balm (120 min)

  • Herbal Hot Compress (60 min)

Office Syndrome Treatment focuses on the specified parts of your body that need to be healed from pain and stiffness, mainly on the back-neck-shoulder, head, hands, and arms. The package starts with 120 minutes of NARA Therapeutic Signature Massage with a combination of Thai and therapeutic oil massage techniques using oil and herbal balm to relieve sore muscles. And finish with the Herbal Hot Compress to relax muscles, ease the pain, and improve blood circulation.

1,900 BAHT / 180 MIN

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The Real Heal (Deluxe 1)

Program :

  • Thai Massage  (60 min)

  • Sport Massage with Aromatic or Hot Oil (60 min)

  • Herbal Hot Compress  (60 min)

The Real Heal package is suitable for those who have an intense sport or activity causing body muscle pain. The session begins with 60 minutes of Thai Massage to warm up all muscles, then activates the use of sports massage techniques focusing on the specified parts for 60 minutes. And finish with a 60-minute Herbal Hot Compress to deeply recover those muscles from pain and fatigue with fresh Thai herbs. A great spa experience that you should try!

1,900 BAHT / 180 MIN

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Body, Skin, & Soul (Deluxe 4)

Program :

  • Pure Organic Coconut Oil Massage  (60 min)

  • Sunburn Massage & Treatment with Aloe Vera Gel (60 min)

  • Organic Facial Massage & Treatment  (60 min)

This sunburn treatment package helps relieve muscle fatigue, recover damaged and dehydrated skin, and present deep relaxation. With the cooling and moisturizing property that can help soothe sunburnt skin, organic coconut oil and aloe vera gel are applied alternately to massage the whole body. And finish with a 60-minute Facial Massage & Treatment to recover skin from sunburn and pollution. This a perfect treatment to restore and refresh your damaged skin and muscles after a long day of exploring!

2,100 BAHT / 180 MIN


Open daily from 10.00 am - 21.30 pm

For reservation, please call the number specified of each branch on the LOCATIONS page

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