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nara nail

At NARA, we have a nail spa service provided by professional masters. We choose only high-quality products and premium plant-based hand & body care. We only use sterilized tools for each customer to prevent infection and other issues as we are highly concerned about hygienic conditions at our salon. In addition, There are comfy lounge chairs, foot spa tubs, Netflix, complimentary beverages, and snacks provided at NARA NAIL.

Let NARA give you the best nail spa experience!

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Clean & Hygienic


Nice Ambiance


Relax & Comfy


Premium Product

Close Up Manicure


4 Steps​ of Manicure and Pedicure Standard

  • Cleanse  

  • Shape & File

  • Cuticle Care

  • Moisturize

Nail Color

" Classic Polish "


" Gel Polish "

Applying nail polish at a nail salon

Spa & Treatment

8 Steps of NARA Mani-Pedi Spa & Treatment 

  1. Cleanse

  2. Herbal Soak (10-15 min.)

  3. Scrub

  4. Mask (15-20 min.)

  5. Shape & File

  6. Cuticle Care

  7. Moisturize

  8. Mini Massage (5-10 min.)

Extension & Art

Premium Gel & Acrylic

Nail Art

Nail Art
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