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massage  &  spa treatments 


NARA provides various types of Thai-styled massage and spa treatments which can help promote the perfect balance of body and soul. All treatments are created to present deep relaxation, relieve stress, and, most importantly is to recover your body from muscle pain and stiffness. NARA's customers will be given a massage service by a professional therapist possessing long-time experience and a massage license. 

To get the best results, a 90 - 120 minutes massage session is recommended for all customers to ensure that the muscle fatigue will be recovered and to conduct the highest relaxation and satisfaction.

Relaxing Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage treatment using essential oils from flowers applied on your whole body together with aromatherapy massage techniques, an excellent therapy to reward yourself after a long day of work or travel that can help improve blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve muscle fatigue.

60 MIN : 550 BAHT

90 MIN : 820 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,100 BAHT

Pure Organic Coconut Oil Massage

An aromatherapy massage technique is applied with pure organic coconut oil to enhance deep relaxation and reduce muscle pain and fatigue. And also, according to the moisturizing property of coconut oil, this treatment can help recover your skin from dehydration.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

Sunburn Massage & Treatment with Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is widely known for its beauty benefits that can heal, moisturize, and strengthen skin. Due to its cooling properties, it is a great way to soothe redness and rashes for sunburnt skin. Aloe Vera Gel Massage is highly recommended for sunburn as it is generated to present high relaxation while repairing damaged skin.

60 MIN : 650 BAHT

90 MIN : 960 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,300 BAHT

Milky Cream Massage

A treatment presents milky cream applied on the whole body to encourage hydration and smoothness on the skin. While the aromatic massage technique will promote circulation, release tension, and reach the height of relaxation.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

back  sport.jpg
Sport Massage with Aromatic Oil -or- Hot Oil

Sports massage helps to relax your muscles after intense exercise, prepare your body before an event, or function well during training as it emphasizes preventing and healing injuries to the muscles and tendons. Sports Massage is highly recommended for athletes and those who do any activities using specified muscles that cause tension and fatigue. Our professional therapist focuses on the defined muscles and areas you stress during your workout.

60 MIN : 750 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,120 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,500 BAHT

Oil Massage + Hot Compress.jpg
Warm Aromatic Oil Massage

Aromatherapy massage techniques are applied to massage the whole body enhancing blood circulation and a reduction of anxiety and tension. Yet, the heated oil helps soften and expand deep muscle tissues to relieve stress and fatigue and create a deep relaxation with positive energy flow from the inside.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

90 MIN : 1,050 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

Herbal hot compress massage

At NARA, we use a heritage recipe combining many beneficial kinds of fresh Thai herbs steamed at a suitable warm temperature in cotton encased to compress directly on your whole body or focus on the specific areas that need to be healed. The Herbal Hot Compress help relax tense muscles and soothe stiff joints and nerves, increasing blood circulation that encourages deep relaxation.

Herbal Hot Compress with Thai Massage

A traditional recipe combining many beneficial kinds of fresh Thai herbs steamed in cotton encased and poulticed is used to compress directly on the whole body. While Thai Massage helps stretch and reduce body stiffness, the herbal heat penetrates and relaxes sore muscles deeply and increases blood circulation. 

90 MIN : 950 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,200 BAHT

Herbal Hot Compress 2.jpg
Herbal Hot Compress with Aromatherapy Massage

A great treat after your long day, the Herbal Hot Compress, combined with the relaxing massage techniques and pleasant scent of Aromatic Oil Massage, offers a superior spa experience. While the massage helps to relieve stress, the herbal hot compress relaxes tense muscles and soothes stiff joints and nerves that, encourage deep relaxation.  

90 MIN : 1,100 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,400 BAHT

Organic Body Exfloliation

This spa treatment exfoliates dead skin cells by using spa cream produced from natural Thai fruits and vegetables gently scrubbed on the whole body; you can choose from the selections of scrub that gives different benefits to your skin. The treatment is found to nourish, cleanse, tone the skin, and encourage its renewal process even for the most sensitive skin while also improving blood circulation and reducing cellulite on your skin.

60 MIN : 750 BAHT

Organic Facial Massage & Treatment

A signature Facial Massage & Treatment invites you to indulge in this gentle yet effective facial treatment using refined products for all skin types. The treatment is designed to detoxify and promote radiant skin by cleansing, massaging, applying vitamins, and moisturizing. After cleansing, the therapist will gently massage your face to improve your lymphatic system while increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Next, Cryo Facial Treatment Machine deeply pushes the vitamins into your skin for the most effective outcome. Finally, finish the treatment by applying the moisturizing serum for moisture protection.

60 MIN : 750 BAHT

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