massage  &  spa treatments 

NARA provides a variety types of Thai styled massage and spa treatments which can help promote the perfect balance of body and soul. All treatments are created to present deep relaxation, relieve stress, and most importantly is to recover your body from muscle pain and stiffness. NARA's customers will be given a massage service by professional therapist possessing long-time experience and a massage license. 

To get the best results, 90 - 120 minutes massage session is recommended for all customers to make sure that the muscle fatigue will be completely recovered as well as to conduct the highest relaxation and satisfaction. 

spa treatments

Body Scrub

This spa treatment exfoliates dead skin cells by using spa cream produced from natural Thai fruits and vegetable gently scrubbed on the whole body which guests can choose from the 4 selections of scrub that gives the different benefits on your skin. The treatment is found to nourish, cleanse, and tone the skin as well as encourage its renewal process even for the most sensitive skin, while also improving blood circulation and reducing cellulite on your skin. Body Scrub is highly recommended together with Oil Massage Treatment to help maintain the collagen fiber which gives skin its elasticity and strength as well as prevents wrinkles.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

Facial Massage & Treatment

A signature Facial Massage & Treatment invites you to indulge in this gentle yet effective facial treatment using purified products for all skin types. The treatment is designed to detoxify and promote radiant skin by cleansing, massage, applying vitamins with Cryo Facial Treatment Machine and moisturizing. After cleansing, the therapist will gently massage your face to improve your lymphatic system while increasing elasticity and firmness of the skin. Next, Cryo Facial Treatment Machine is used to deeply push the vitamins into your skin for the most effective outcome. The vitamins includes Alpha Arbutin for brightening, Aloe Vera for moisturizing and sunburn recovery, and Stem Cell for anti-aging. Finally, finish the treatment by applying Aloe Vera & Collagen Serum for moisture protection from environmental drying.

60 MIN : 700 BAHT

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