nara's standard

With high experience in massage and spa industry, the founder established NARA Massage & Spa on the mission of providing excellent Thai styled massage services and spa treatments by the professional therapists to all customers. 


professional therapist

In order to present a satisfying massage and spa experience to customers, we only allow the qualified therapists with professional massage license to provide services to our valued customers. We believe that the height of experience in massage and spa industry will truly help customers from muscle pain and fatigue as well as increase relaxation.

relaxing ambiance

To enhance relaxation of customers, our day spa has a private room for each customer to enjoy their massage sessions. All branches of NARA are well-decorated with relaxing color tones along with hygiene and nice scented environment. Our peaceful background music also helps to increase deep relaxation as well as helps reduce stress.

extra refreshment

After massage and spa services, all customers always be served with hot towel to refresh themselves. And to wash away toxins believed that are flushed into bloodstream by massage, we serve warm Thai herbal drink together with Thai styled pineapple cookie to get customers prepared for the rest of the day.