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massage  &  spa treatments 


NARA provides various types of Thai-styled massage and spa treatments which can help promote the perfect balance of body and soul. All treatments are created to present deep relaxation, relieve stress, and, most importantly is to recover your body from muscle pain and stiffness. NARA's customers will be given a massage service by a professional therapist possessing long-time experience and a massage license. 

To get the best results, a 90 - 120 minutes massage session is recommended for all customers to ensure that the muscle fatigue will be recovered and to conduct the highest relaxation and satisfaction.

Thai Massage

The Classic Thai Massage

Classic Thai Massage presents techniques of stretching and acupressure used to massage the whole body oil-free. Since it can be described as a "strong" massage for some customers, this menu is mainly recommended for those who have a massage experience. Otherwise, Classic Thai Massage can help relieve body stiffness and fatigue and improve circulation.

60 MIN : 350 BAHT

90 MIN : 520 BAHT

120 MIN : 700 BAHT

Classic Thai with Aromatic Oil Massage

A perfect combination of Thai Massage and Aromatherapy Massage is designed to promote better results in relieving muscle tension and fatigue. Adding the Aromatherapy Massage technique with Thai massage increasingly helps ease muscle pain and tension, improve blood circulation, and decrease stress and anxiety, which leaves the entire body healed and feeling relaxed.

60 MIN : 550 BAHT

90 MIN : 750 BAHT

120 MIN : 900 BAHT

NARA Therapeutic Signature Massage with Oil & Balm

A signature menu of NARA offers fantastic massage therapy that you should experience at NARA. It combines Thai Massage and Therapeutic Oil Massage techniques to massage the whole body, focusing on muscle tension in the concerned areas. Only Thai massage cannot completely heal the pain and stiffness, but the addition of therapeutic massage techniques and herbal balm gives the best result in relieving tense and sore muscles.

60 MIN : 550 BAHT

90 MIN : 820 BAHT

120 MIN : 1,100 BAHT

Classic Thai and Foot Massage

A regular oil-free Thai massage technique applied on the whole body with add-on Foot Reflexology Massage is to focus more on the foot and leg part by using massage cream together with herbal balm rubbed on specific areas.

90 MIN : 580 BAHT

120 MIN : 700 BAHT

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